Rage Disco 0.3 Release Notes

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We’ve released a teaser, which we are really proud of.
Feel free to enjoy it!


Did you like it? Drop a thumbs up or let us know in the comments! You can also find it on our facebook

Let’s get to the point…
Weeks are passing and we’re still making a game. After version 0.2 it’s time for even better version 0.3 🙂
You’ve given us a lot of feedback, and we managed to turn it into changes and improvements in the game, thanks!

Version 0.3 is the only version that will currently run – previous versions are no longer supported.

What’s new in Rage Disco 0.3:

  1. Navigation prototype – almost no one managed to get to the second level. We’ve added a prototype of a navigation system. Just find out where orange lasers are coming from! Go to the Challenge, get the key, and then head towards the elevator.
  2. PRESS SPACE TO JUMP – you were asking us why it’s impossible to jump – here you go! 😉
  3. Tutorial prototype – if someone still doesn’t know how to do something – now everything should be clear!
  4. Nova turret – you can find it on first level
  5. Laserhead that throws grenades – there is the new guy on a second level
  6. Improved second level – added and polished few things
  7. Password – on first startup you will be asked to set up your password. It will be remembered by the game. Adding a password allowed us to add:
  8. Global high score! – list with the best 20 scores for version 0.3!

Corrected bugs:

  1. Duplicating map – it happened from time to time…
  2. Falling from the map – sometimes after falling it was possible to end up in ‘falling loop’ and lose all the lives.

Moreover we’ve made some changes in game structure and added some stuff that will be visible starting from version 0.4. There is a lot to wait for!

Download links:
Windows 64bit: (zip) (7-zip)
Windows 32bit: (zip) (7-zip)

Rage Disco beta testing package requires connection to the Internet. When you run the game we collect statistics regarding its performance and in-game data, like how long you’ve been playing or items you have collected. By playing Rage Disco you agree to share this data – it is used only to improve Rage Disco.

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