Suicide Penguin

Bashing its head against the rock.

Rage Disco

Rage Disco is an intense action game where psychedelic substances drive a randomly evolving party filled with deadly, strobing lasers.

About us

We are a group of friends working together on video games. We know each other for a long time, two of us met as far as 10 years ago. Despite having a wide range of interests, we were drawn together by computer games. Years of endless discussions about various game ideas pushed us towards gaining necessary skills to create them. After gaining enough knowledge through education and loads of failed experiments, we decided to actually start a games development studio together. As a complete and diverse team composed of two programmers, two graphical artists and sound designer/composer, we believe that we are ready to share our ideas with players around the world.

Suicide Penguin Studio has been formed over three years ago. We've done few concept projects so far, mostly as part of our university graduation projects. If you would like to see some cool ideas we had, several examples are presented below.

Our experience

Red Hunt is a dynamic action game about surviving in the forest full of werewolves. Use your weapons wisely and hide during the night.

Created as Master Thesis project for one of us.

TimeLabs is a first person puzzle game. You need to manipulate time in your favor. Time slows down or speeds up near crystals, which affects everything.

Created as Engineering Thesis project of two of us (in area of programming) and as Master Thesis project in sound design/music.